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As always, we update weather in our weekly late update newsletter.

Green Bay, WI Weather
37°F, Clear
Mon: 55°F / 41°F
Tue: 59°F / 39°F
Wed: 51°F / 39°F

Charlotte, NC Weather
48°F, Partly Cloudy
Mon: 75°F / 55°F
Tue: 71°F / 59°F
Wed: 80°F / 59°F

Orchard Park, NY Weather
48°F, Overcast
Mon: 61°F / 49°F
Tue: 65°F / 49°F
Wed: 55°F / 40°F

Denver, CO Weather
48°F, Partly Cloudy
Mon: 80°F / 49°F
Tue: 80°F / 50°F
Wed: 79°F / 50°F

Foxboro, MA Weather
36°F, Partly Cloudy
Mon: 65°F / 51°F
Tue: 70°F / 59°F
Wed: 70°F / 49°F

Pittsburgh, PA Weather
50°F, Partly Cloudy
Mon: 69°F / 51°F
Tue: 65°F / 51°F
Wed: 65°F / 41°F

East Rutherford, NJ Weather
46°F, Clear
Mon: 71°F / 55°F
Tue: 71°F / 59°F
Wed: 75°F / 49°F

Kansas City, MO Weather
55°F, Clear
Mon: 71°F / 55°F
Tue: 79°F / 51°F
Wed: 79°F / 59°F

Chicago, IL Weather
48°F, Overcast
Mon: 59°F / 49°F
Tue: 65°F / 49°F
Wed: 61°F / 49°F

Hyattsville, MD Weather
43°F, Clear
Mon: 71°F / 51°F
Tue: 75°F / 59°F
Wed: 71°F / 49°F

Baltimore, MD Weather
Mon: 71°F / 55°F
Tue: 71°F / 59°F
Wed: 71°F / 49°F

Cleveland, OH Weather
52°F, Clear
Mon: 61°F / 50°F
Tue: 65°F / 50°F
Wed: 60°F / 41°F

Cincinnati, OH Weather
48°F, Clear
Mon: 65°F / 49°F
Tue: 65°F / 50°F
Wed: 69°F / 49°F

Nashville, TN Weather
63°F, Overcast
Mon: 71°F / 55°F
Tue: 79°F / 59°F
Wed: 79°F / 55°F

Dallas, TX Weather
66°F, Overcast
Mon: 89°F / 71°F
Tue: 95°F / 71°F
Wed: 91°F / 70°F

Jacksonville, FL Weather
61°F, Partly Cloudy
Mon: 79°F / 65°F
Tue: 85°F / 65°F
Wed: 85°F / 65°F

Miami, FL Weather
73°F, Mostly Cloudy
Mon: 85°F / 75°F
Tue: 89°F / 75°F
Wed: 89°F / 75°F

Tampa, FL Weather
90°F, Clear
Thu: 79°F / 59°F
Fri: 80°F / 60°F
Sat: 85°F / 69°F
San Francisco, CA Weather
59°F, Mostly Cloudy
Mon: 77°F / 59°F
Tue: 65°F / 58°F
Wed: 65°F / 59°F

San Diego, CA Weather
66°F, Partly Cloudy
Mon: 88°F / 62°F
Tue: 86°F / 64°F
Wed: 83°F / 64°F

Oakland, CA Weather
57°F, Clear
Mon: 81°F / 58°F
Tue: 80°F / 58°F
Wed: 78°F / 58°F

Seattle, WA Weather
59°F, Mostly Cloudy
Thu: 67°F / 53°F
Fri: 63°F / 50°F
Sat: 65°F / 51°F
Glendale, AZ Weather
86°F, Partly Cloudy
Mon: 92°F / 70°F
Tue: 86°F / 67°F
Wed: 83°F / 65°F

Philadelphia, PA Weather
50°F, Clear
Mon: 71°F / 55°F
Tue: 75°F / 60°F
Wed: 75°F / 51°F has been providing free football picks, free baseball picks, and free basketball picks as well as top picks and best bets on the web since 1998. Sports picks posted daily for the NFL, NCAA, and MLB backed by professional sports handicapping and analysis. We pride ourselves on quality customer service, accurate odds and pointspreads for all our betting picks.



Same Scott, same great picks - just an update to the look!

Incl a VERY STRONG side pick - Thursday Night NFL PICKS ARE UP! 
The rest of the weekend posted by Friday. 

NFL TOP PICKS 8-3 last 3 weeks! MNF16-6 on the season!

NFL 22-9-1 overall last 2 weeks!







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